Violet Face Mousse
Violet Face Mousse
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Violet Face Mousse

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Our Violet Face Mousse — a powerful shield from the chill for your skin— is the perfect hydrator for the season.

Highly soothing and moisturizing, this creamy custard is rich in antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Harnessing and maximizing the properties of herbs known for plumping, and anti-aging moisture, our complimentary Violet Firming Mask and Violet Face Mousse are designed to synergistically prevent premature wrinkles and soften fine lines. 

Skin type : All skin types

Use :

• Violet Face Mousse

First, cleanse your skin before using your toner or chosen hydrosol; if you wish to exfoliate, do this right after cleansing. Next, gently apply a small amount of product o your face and neck with your fingertips (or palms). Wait 5 minutes to fully absorb into your skin prior to applying any other products.

One pea-sized scoop should do for face application on moist skin, and two to three pea-sized scoops when you include the neck and ears— don't neglect those two!

Container and Weight:
Sustainably sourced and reusable wooden jar

Violet Face Mousse — Net. Wt. 16g

Shelf life: 6 months


Violet Face Mousse

Unrefined oils of Jojoba*, Argan*, Grapeseed***, Sacha Inchi***: Unrefined Passion Fruit Butter**, Unrefined Shea Butter***, In-house Proprietary Infusions of Violets**, Blue Lotus**, Lavender*, Licorice*, Goji*; Rosehips*, Gotu Kola*, Bakuchiol**, Elderberry Extract, Sunflower Vit. E, Coffee C02 Extract*, Rosehips C02 Extract* and ❤️.

*certified organic
** wild crafted
*** certified organic and food grade


DAB Herb Makeup hand makes all products from scratch and is a member of Truth in Labeling. Our mission is to provide safer, healing products to enhance a woman’s natural beauty while also giving her peace of mind.
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