Violet Firming Mask and Cleanser
Violet Firming Mask and Cleanser
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Violet Firming Mask and Cleanser

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Our one of a kind Violet Firming Mask doubles as a tightening  and skin replenishing cleanser— an antioxidant rich, collagen building skin food, our crafted multitasker reveals visibly healthier, firmer, and more hydrated skin.


Harnessing and maximizing the properties of herbs known for plumping, and anti-aging moisture, our complimentary Violet Firming Mask and Violet Face Mousse are designed to synergistically prevent premature wrinkles and soften fine lines. 

Skin type : All skin types

Use :

 For use as a mask:

Note: Masks should only be done once (maximum two times) a week.

Mix water and mask powder with a 1:2 ratio (one part water or hydrosols and two parts mask powder)

 For use as cleanser:

Mix 0.5 to 1 tspn. (depending on face size) of the product with enough water to create a paste.

Use half amount of the paste to apply and MASSAGE on the right cheek followed with the remaining on the left cheek. You will see the grains building up into a very rich creamy consistency until you're ready to give your whole face a full massage in upward and circular motion for 15-20 seconds.

Rinse well with warm water if skin is oily, rinse with cold water if skin is dry. Pat dry with hands or soft cloth.

Container and Weight:
Sustainably sourced and reusable wooden jar

Violet Firming Mask — Net. Wt. 16g

Shelf life: 6 months


Violet Firming Mask and Cleanser

Violet Flowers, Pea Butterfly, Lavender,  Milky Oats, Hibiscus, Indigo, Spirulina, Cornflowers , Comfrey,  Alkanet, Food Grade Kaolin Clay, French Clay, Sunflower Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil and ♥️

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