The Best Palm Oil Free Makeup Brands To Try & Help Reduce Your Usage


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Over the years, we have become far more aware of our eco-footprints, and how our choices impact the world. We've gone vegan, opted for organic, and stamped out brands that don't adhere to cruelty-free testing techniques, but one thing we often forget is that so many beauty products we use (along with other daily necessities) feature palm oil.
...the ingredient has taken its toll on animal and communities where it is grown, as GreenPeace reports. The production of palm oil requires vast areas of forest space to be cleared, therefore damaging vulnerable eco-systems including those that house creatures such as orangutans.
For these important reasons, it is worth seeking out ways in which we can reduce our palm oil usage in things like the makeup we use. These five brands are a great place to star...:

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