Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dab Herb Makeup?

What’s the difference between Dab Herb Makeup and other natural products?

Let's start with stating that "natural" is an umbrella term for a lot of things. Natural makeup isn't necessarily organic. Minerals are natural, for one, but they definitely aren't organic. That's a term the USDA grants to food-grade and plant based ingredients if they meet the same strict farming and processing regulations. Now, for the FDA to even allow a brand to label themselves "organic" their ingredients have to be at least 95% plant based. Our ingredients for Dab's makeup line alone is between 97-100% plant based with special focus on food-grade ingredients.

Dab Herb Makeup (lovingly shortened to Dab) creates thoughtfully and sustainably made makeup using the gentlest and purest ingredients available. We carefully craft and package our organic makeup straight from our lab to your doorstep for the safest experience for you and our planet.

But what makes the sustainable luxe line of Dab so different?

Truly healing and sustainable makeup isn’t just made—it is crafted.

Aside from meticulously curating our premium ingredients, with food-grade, wild-crafted or certified organic, cruelty-free, and fair-trade ingredients as our standard, our line puts emphasis into the artisanal nature of our products.

Every curve and corner of our jars are hand carved and polished by indigenous master woodcarvers; every cap is fit perfectly to each unique jar; every ingredient specially chosen, sustainably farmed; every pour filled with the soulful nature of our hands.

We have done the research for you. Backed with clinically proven ingredients and our ancient formulae, choosing sustainable beauty Dab will be the best decision you’ve made yet.

Is Dab certified organic?

No, love, the brand isn't.

However, the majority of our ingredients are USDA certified food-grade and organic! Those that don't have such alternatives are ethically wild harvested. We are very selective of our ingredients and use only the purest possible.

Are your ingredients and products vegan and cruelty free?

They most definitely are. Dab is invested in sustainable, vegan, cruelty free, and fair-trade practices. We prefer to use responsibly sourced and carefully chosen ingredients. Did I mention we’re also gluten free?

Why do you hardly use mineral ingredients?

We pride ourselves on providing makeup and skin care that is as purely organic as we can make it. We keep the use of minerals in our products as minimal as possible to make use of the healing benefits of plants and avoid any contaminants that can be found in mineral ingredients.

Is your mica ethically sourced?

Yes! What little mica we use is mined and processed in the USA.
We're very aware that child labor is a prevalent issue in illegal mica mines. Dab is against such unethical practices and our source of mica has made every effort to assure us that the mica they provide is not sourced from mines that utilize child labor.
It is important to us that our sources share our same values. Dab only supports sources and manufacturers that observe ethical sourcing, cruelty free, and fair-trade practices and we are very strict when it comes to choosing our suppliers.

How long are the herbs infused for until the oils are ready to be used for the makeup/skincare?

o We leave our infusions out in sunlight for 2-3 weeks with regular agitations to make sure that our oils are packed with all the good stuff for you. Any more than this is our own special secret.


Do you do custom orders?

Dab definitely caters to most customization wants and needs for a reasonable fee. Send us a message to talk specifics.

I'm allergic to an ingredient you use in a product I want to buy. Can it be replaced?

Feel free to inform us about what we can help you with- especially any allergies! Send us a message to talk specifics with the subject [Custom Order].

Do you take wholesale orders?

We leave our infusions out in sunlight for 2-3 weeks with regular agitations to make sure that our oils are packed with all the good stuff for you. Any more than this is our own special secret.

Do you do collaborations or sponsorships?

Thank you for taking an interest in our brand!

Please leave us a message through our "Connect" page and we'll see if a collaboration is possible between us.


We do have coupons available for return customers, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Additionally, you may also find active coupons from our social media collaborators' profiles.

Do you sell sample sizes?

Our Plant Collagen Foundation has samples available for color matching and patch testing purposes. For the rest of our products, please feel free to try our Discovery Set found in our Shop page!

Do you sell bigger sizes?

Unlike conventional makeup, our products make use of organic (plant-based) preservatives, and even then we try to make use of as little preservatives as possible (some of our products don't even contain them) to make sure that your makeup and skin care essentials remain as pure as we can make it.

We keep our packaging small in order to prevent waste and encourage everyday use for optimal healing benefits.

Remember, Dab uses the purest USDA approved organic ingredients. Food grade, vegan, and cruelty free- oh, and most definitely made fresh just for you.

Does Dab refill?

We definitely cater to refilling.

Dab is a very big fan of reusing & recycling. And just for reusing your glass and metal containers, refill purchases for available products would cost 10% less than their retail price (shipping not included).

Kindly read our refilling guidelines below carefully before availing of the service:

(Guidelines can also be seen on the item page of refillable products.)

1. Clean containers can be sent back to our PO Box for refilling purposes.

2. Before sending your containers back, they must be cleaned. We will be sterilizing them, but we do ask that customers kindly wash their DabHMS containers before refills.

Note: For glass mascara refills, please keep your mascara wands. For sanitary purposes, we advise that they be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at your homes. We will be sending your glass mascara bottles back with a metal cap instead.

3. Please include a note with your containers noting your whole name as indicated on your Etsy shipping details, your Etsy usernmae or email, and (if order has been placed) your order reference number.



PO BOX 81116



Do I have to send my containers back for a [powder product] refill?

Short answer: No.

Unlike the rest of our product refills, powder product refills are simply mailed to you in a kraft paper pouch so you can refill your items at home.

This includes the following products:

Floral Veil Powder

Floral Veil Powder

Orders, Returns, & Shipping

Is shipping free?

Standard shipping (Priority Mail) is free for those in the United States. International shipping is not free.

How long until my items are shipped out?

Orders have a standard 3-5 days processing time before shipping. Shipments and orders are processed during our business hours of Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm PT.

You can expect your items to be shipped the day after processing is fulfilled.

My tracking number isn't updating.

Tracking number issued by the courier may sometimes update slowly due to an error or a glitch in the system.

Please give it a few days to update. Should the issue persist, please reach out to us through our "Connect" page with the subject [Shipping Inquiry].

My package was lost in the mail. Now what?

If after 7 business days your order hasn't arrived, we advise you to approach your courier (USPS) through their website or over the phone to have them track down your package.

As a customer, it is your prerogative to file a lost mail search for delayed or missing packages.

Of course, our team is always available to you for any questions or should you require assistance.

I would like to return an item.

As stated in our policies, given the artisanal and sensitive nature of our creations, we do not offer exchanges or returns for reasons of general dissatisfaction with purchased products.

Each and every one of our creations are handmade with utmost care and, for safety reasons, we refrain from restocking, reselling, or accepting our sold items.

I got the wrong item/s!

If you think you received the wrong order, please send us a message through our "Connect" page with the subject [Order Report].

Do you have a physical store or pick-up locations?

We don't have a brick and mortar store and neither do we allow pick-ups as maority of four products are sold online.

Do you ship plastic free?

We only use paper mailers, so our shipping materials are all plastic free.

Dab Herb Makeup’s sustainable luxe line has fully eliminated the need for plastic with our original cedar-wood jar design and our biodegradable shipping materials.

Product Care & Concerns

How do I know when my Dab products have expired? When do I replace them?

Depending on the product, you can find the period-after-opening symbol (PAO) at the back or the edges of our labels

The number inside the open jar symbol is the number of months we safely recommend the use of the product for after opening.

What is the shelf life of unopened Dab products?

Unopened, our makeup and skin care should be able to last between 10 - 12 months. Please make sure to store them tightly and away from humid places.

For long term storage without opening, kindly keep in a sealed container in the refrigerator to preserve freshness.

Are your products waterproof?

Going off of the principle that oil repels water, we could say that most of our products- especially those that contain oils- are pretty water resistant. Sweating is a-okay. Just don't go jumping into any pools, honey!

How come my item isn't the exact color as the last time I ordered the same thing?

Please expect slight variations in some of our products since we use plant pigments instead of artificial colorants. The quality and pigmentation of our plants and herbs very from season to season.

Can I wear your makeup to sleep?

In theory, our makeup should be safe for your skin to wear over night, BUT as nourishing as our makeup can be, we have to consider the layers of dirt that the long day leaves on our faces all the time.

We'd recommend always cleaning your face before bed. Thankfully, Dab is incredibly easy to remove and would make your nightly routine all the more easier.

What if my products melt? What if they're frozen?

The organic nature of our skin care and makeup make them highly susceptible to temperature.

If your product melts in the heat, simply pop it in the refrigerator for a few minutes before use. "Frozen" products can be thawed by rubbing your finger tips onto the product to warm it with your body heat. Alternatively, 5-7 second under your hair dryer's low heat setting should do the trick for a quick fix in really cold weather.